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finnious maximus

Which of your attended shows ranks as #1? I will put 12/1/95 up against any non-festival show- they blew us away at hershey pa that night (mmm, chocolate). Ranks above 12/31/97 in madison square garden. I did enjoy your antics in virginia beach summer '98 (soaking in the late afternoon 'bronzing' rays), and loved the august '04 show in philly - especially tucker almost throwing fists with the george castanza look alike in the parking lot after the show, I guess that dude just didn't appreciate the tuck man's styling lacoste polo and shaggy hair- very o.c.
Cheers to phish for the good times!

Buck Smith

It's tough to make a call on a single best show. Hershey certainly kicked ass. Virginia Beach 7/8/99 was memorable for my great seats and the Terrapin Station encore. And I was lucky enough to be at the "Hampton Comes Alive" shows which we all know were stellar. However, I'd have to say the entire experience at Big Cypress for New Year's tops the list.

It wasn't that the band played especially well but that the whole vibe was really special. There was a real confluence of time, place, and community that's hard to explain.

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