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jon murray

Very happy for you both. Congrats, and enjoy the family time.

'Auntie' Gena

Congratulations! I love the three of you like crazy, and can't wait to meet Liam.
Mer- I can't wait to talk to you!
xoxo Gena

Aunt Alison and Uncle Dan

He is the cutest baby in the world. I love the way his hand is holding the shirt. He looks like a perfect combination of both of you. We can't wait to meet him!!


CONGRATULATIONS! He's a gorgeous little guy. Although exhausted, I'm sure you're marveling at those little fingers and toes - a true miracle! Enjoy!

Mimi & Mal

Dear Kenneth, M. and Liam,

Thanks for getting Liam's picture posted so quickly and providing us with all of his vitals including his name. When you called us yesterday afternoon to let us know that he had arrived, both of us were as excited as you that you never told us the tale of the tape. Fortunately, Godfather/Uncle B. was able to pass on the information to us.

As first-time grandparents, we are thrilled and blessed, but really don't think that we're old enough to be grandparents. In reality, I'm eight years older than my grandfather was when I was born and four years older than your grandfather was when you were born.

I'm off to a conference in Wilmington, DE, happily bearing Liam's first picture. Hopefully I'll make a business contact and ultimately close a deal because of it, so I'll happily send Liam his first commission. From hearing him in the background when you called us, we think that Liam will have a lot to say.

We're looking forward to seeing you soon, but continue to keep the pictures coming in the meantime.

All of our love,

Mimi & Mal


At 20.5 inches, he'll be a hit with the ladies.



congrats to you both!


He's beautiful!! The girls were very excited to hear the news (as was I). Can't wait to meet him.

Give M and Liam a kiss from all of us!!!



HOOOOORAY!!! Mazel-tov! He looks like, well, he looks a bit like Winston Churchill doesn't he?

Seriously, he's goorgeous and so happy for you both! Love, love, LOVE the name...not that I'm biased at all or anything. And for the record, my blog entry yesterday concerning the name was entered long before I got the call. Just lucky. Wish we had had a name pool going, though!

Love to all!


Congratulations to you both!!! Very happy that Liam and M. are good... Big hug.

Uncle Chip & Aunt Kathy

Good Work! WOW, picture of contentment. Such great color and shape for a new born.

Buck, you have once again proved that tired fathers know when to let sleeping blogs lie.

Enjoying your joy
Slipping? You must have checked during evening hours East Coast time, Chip, as I had a photo up there by about 8:00pm PDT. Check back now if you haven't already. ; )

All the Granges rejoice with M. & Buck at the safe, healthy and joy-full delivery of Liam. When things settle back down, Gail, give me a call with views and news from the Nana perch.

PS. Buck you are slipping. I logged on last night as soon as I got the news, fully expecting to see multiple pictures of your name sake, and all I could see were belly-log shots of Liam. It is a amazing how priority-transforming even a few hours of fatherhood can be.

Nick Aster

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! AMAZING!!!! Indeed... and then some. Wow guys, what can I say, he looks fabulous.

Sarcastic Journalist

He is beautiful. Congrats to Daddy and mamma.


whoo hoo! I'm so excited for the whole family... and I imagine he's much cuter in diapers than the fun guys at your party? Give my love to M. xoxoxo

Aunt Ginny

Kenneth and M. - it was such a joy to hear the good news about the birth of my "great nephew". He is beautiful and how I wish we lived closer to you - I can't wait til he makes his first trip back East!

I can't help thinking how much I wish Mom and Dad were here to see him, but I am sure that they will both be watching over their great grandson and they do for the rest of us. Welcome to the world Liam Buckley Smith! You are loved by many as are your mom and dad
Love to all


Congrats!! I can't even remember what my kids were like as newborns. Have fun!

Terry & Mike

Mer-mer and Buck, Wow so happy to get a peek at Liam Buckley! How amazing! Thanks Buck for all the effort keeping the blog going. Now the fun just beings! Wish I could see you guys!


Congratulations to you both! He is one cool dude, gorgeous :o)

Alison & Niall

Congratulations M. & Buck - We are absolutely thrilled for you! Can't wait to see more pictures of Liam! Lots of love from London, Alison & Niall xx


Ken and M.,

I'm at Aunt Babs and just saw the gorgeous little angel Liam. He is beautiful and looks like he still knows the secret of Heaven. I am so happy for both of you and our family to have such a wonderful addition. I only regret you are so far away and I cannot hug and kiss everyone. I'm sure he'll bring much joy and beauty to your life. Keep the pictures coming!!!

Love to all.

Aunt Claire

Aunt Babs

Dear Ken and M.:
I am so happy to hear of Liam's arrival. It is a grand name. He is a beautiful little boy and we all feelinga little weepy and wishing we could just "squeeze him" as Nana used to say Relax and enjoy him. Love you and God Bless to your little family.


To be more precise, didn't Nana used to say "I could just squeeze the shit outta him" ?

Aunt Babs

You're right, GCCT, about Nana. I was just trying to be a little refined - at least, until I get to hold him in person and say it. Then, you have to say - He has beautiful eyes, God Bless Him!


Congratulations! :)

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